Imaging for Broker Dealers

Imaging for Broker Dealers has never been easier. Files are stored electronically to allow for a consistent filing system. Storing files electronically eliminates extra space usually occupied by hard copies. The files can be stored in multiple locations using the same system for back up purposes. Staff has the ability to access data from any location by having one central location for data using the Mobile Dashboard. How many times has a file gone missing? Misplaced or lost files can be costly, using staff and other resources to replace them. If documents are stored electronically, staff cannot misplace them because they are located on the server. Reduce your carbon footprint with the use of our Imaging System. Become a Green office by eliminating paper workloads, using less printer ink, and by reducing the amount of shipped packages. The physical storage space needed to store paper files is both expensive and takes up a lot of room. Save money and space by going paperless using an Imaging System.