Mobile Rep Dashboard

Mobile Rep Dashboard gives reps access to the WinOPS system only requiring an internet connection and a web browser. While there are many elements to the C5 Dashboard that users find useful, such as commission statements, pending business and customer data. The C5 Mobile Rep Dashboard for Broker Dealers allows users to create client accounts, paperwork, and the ability to submit signed paperwork through the C5 Dashboard for review and approval.

Every software or online application comes with a “getting started” or klutz factor which must be overcome before the real usefulness of the tool can be realized. A unique element of the C5 Dashboard to help you is the ability for users to complete customer account forms and have that data automatically captured in the database. We call this process Client Onboarding. The users next step is to print the form for customer signatures, then return to the C5 Dashboard and launch Laser App or the WebNAF (Web New Account Form Tool). These applications allow users access to select forms, such as a mutual fund application, and have the customer data placed on the form. In turn, using Laser App or the WebNAF users can print the investment company forms for client signatures and again return to the C5 Dashboard client screen. The Mobile Dashboard for Broker Dealers is C5 Solutions’ paperless answer for rep to back offices communications and reporting.

Check Out the Mobile Rep Dashboard Integration with Laser App and our Own Compliance Console!