C5 Solutions for Broker Dealers by Techmate has been serving the financial services industry since 1984. Our Operations Plus products have become the most widely used Broker/Dealer back office systems in the industry. The main reasons for our success are the thoroughness of the system, low entry and usage fees, easy to learn and use interface, and the quality and availability of support to our clients.

C5 Solutions by Techmate is all about specializing in Broker Dealer Commission and Compliance Software. C5 Solutions also provides the critical elements of Imaging and E-signatures, Customer Data Aggregation for administrative purposes, Continuity Planning through consistency of systems and training, and Consulting services to assist the broker dealer in developing a “technology implementation timeline” that fits budget, staff, field force, business mix and workload distribution through our mobile solutions.

One of the challenges facing the high payout introducing broker dealer community is the fact that taking on an immense change of all systems impacted by the offerings of C5 Solutions for Broker Dealers may be too much to absorb at one time. To this end, our offerings are structured to “play nice” with other technologies in place. It goes without saying that we are cooperative and compatible with complementary technologies, such as CRM, portfolio management systems, Laserapp and the like, but we are also compatible with technologies that are in direct competition with C5, such as other imaging and commission solutions.

Since 1984 our stated goal has been to offer technology based solutions to introducing broker dealers that are:

  • Easy to Install/Maintain
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Use
  • Hard to Break
  • Easy to Fix

C5 Solutions by Techmate has simple service principles: Answer the phone and answer the question. Granted, sometimes we have to “question the question” and review data to help you articulate the “question”, but central to this is that you are dealing with a person and you are not alone in your quest to get back to your business at hand.

C5 Solutions by Techmate