Printed 1099’s

Let us know what version of WinOPS you are currently running and if you are using the 2 or 3 part laser 1099-MISC form and we will send you the report and directions. Note: This is only for the printed version of your 1099 processing and not for any electronic filings.The reports are ready for your printed version of the 1099-MISC forms.

6.02 / 6.03 / 6.04 Clients: If you are still on version 6.02 / 6.03 / 6.04 and have not upgraded since last year you should be able to use the same report you used last year as the forms have not changed. 6.02 / 6.03 / 6.04

6.05 thru 7x Clients: If you have converted to 6.05 thru 7x since printing last year’s 1099’s you will need a Shazam report and directions, please contact Techmate or use the link above. 605-7x