WinOPS Commission & Compliance Broker Dealer Software

WinOPS Commission & Compliance Broker Dealer Software is the center piece of the C5 Solutions suite of products. C5 Solutions WinOPS is a powerful tool to for Commissions and Compliance data for Broker Dealers back offices. WinOPS provides fast, accurate, and compliance tools to manage customers, products, reports, orders and commissions. The WinOPS Commission & Compliance Broker Dealer Software brings together four primary categories of data the Representative, Product, Customer and Order. Using extra data to commission processing helps create useful Compliance data.

The WinOPS Commissions for Broker Dealers back office system lets you pay your reps electronically and deliver their commission statements using any mobile devices. This frees your staff from the tedious process of mailing commissions, checks statements. C5 Solutions has given Broker Dealer Commissions powerful tools that the competition can only envy.

WinOPS Commission & Compliance Broker Dealer Software can do it all such as customer On-Boarding eliminating nasty paper trails and tireless data entry. Using the Mobile Dashboard and Compliance Console integration, customer on-boarding can be reduced to one workflow for the representative and the compliance department. This helps streamline approval and initiates orders without the need for paper pushing from location to location. With customer on-boarding streamlines WinOPS can focus on operations instead of resolving exceptions and problems. Along with robust On-Boarding tools and streamlines commission processes WinOPS can also help with regards to Regulatory rules and guidelines. WinOPS provides tools to execute and supervise all necessary data related to FINRA and regulatory agencies.